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New Year, New WELDONE Partners’ Meeting

  • Place: Online
  • Host: #STRUKA
  • Date: 12/01/2021
  • Partners present:
  • ISQ – Raquel Maria Almeida
  • EWF – Susana Nogueira
  • ASR – Danut Savu
  • MATRAI – Ferenc Benus, Ferenc Benus Jr. & Zoltán Kelemen
  • IOS – Edita Margeta & Mirta Szugi
  • IEKEP - Ilias - Michail Rafail
  • #STRUKA – Željko Habek

  • After a short break for Christmas period, WELDONE Partners returned to continue working towards the development of the project’s outcomes, to be used by Teachers and Trainers from EWF Qualification System and by Educators connected to STEM.

    Thus, the first meeting after this break focused on the resources created by all Partners to be used in the implementation of WELDONE Train of Trainers and on the next phase of their development process, led by MATRÁI.

    Soon, other news will follow on these and other activities of WELDONE project.

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